• Nitazenes/Iso

    Recently, nitazenes (isotonitaze or “iso”, metonitazene, and protonitazene) – a class of synthetic opioids – were detected in drug samples in Nevada County. The high potency of nitazenes combined with inexperience with dosing, a lack of awareness of nitazenes being present in the local drug supply, and the mixing of nitazenes into drugs that already…

  • Nitrous Oxide

    Recently medical practitioners in Nevada County have seen an increase in patients being seen at the emergency department and other settings as a result of complications from recreational nitrous oxide use. These complications are often neurological, ranging from tingling in the extremities to long-term neurological damage.

  • Positive Xylazine Tests

    Last week a local supply of fentanyl tested positive for the presence of xylazine (also known as “tranq”). This is the first positive test for xylazine in Western Nevada County.

  • Counterfeit Pills with Fentanyl

    Last week we learned of three overdoses of high school students in Western Nevada County as a result of counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl. The Nevada County District Attorney’s Office confirmed this information in a Facebook post earlier today. Thankfully, people nearby had Narcan and none of the overdoses were fatal. Still, it is a…