About the Campaign

Know Overdose Nevada County is a local campaign to increase knowledge and awareness about drug overdose risk and harm reduction strategies that can help prevent overdoses and deaths.

We believe knowledge and access to resources and information–shared in a non-judgmental, non-stigmatizing way–are important to reducing drug overdose deaths.

The campaign is a cross-sector collaboration of local organizations supporting harm reduction efforts, including:

Know Overdose NC Supporters

Know Overdose Nevada County’s goals are to:

  1. Prevent deaths from drug overdoses
  2. Keep people safer when using drugs
  3. Connect people who use drugs and their support networks to resources and information

We would like to acknowledge and express our appreciation to the National Harm Reduction Coalition for sharing their knowledge and resources, the Know Overdose campaign in San Francisco for letting us use the name and First Nations Health Authority’s Reduce the Harm campaign for providing some of the inspiration for our campaign goals.